Famous logos have changed. Why not yours?
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Famous logos have changed. Why not yours?

From Pepsi's dynamic transformation to Apple's iconic simplification, logo evolution is a tale as old as time.
Did you know even the word ‘logo’ has evolved?

It was derived from the word ‘logotype’

pepsi logo evolution history
apple logo evolution history

Okay fine, but what’s this got to do with YOUR logo?

Think of a brand refresh as if it’s your brand’s glow-up.

Revamping your logo is a powerful tactic in a brand overhaul and not just a vanity project. It’s aimed at amplifying your message for a dynamic audience. It’s an assertive move to mirror major shifts and progress in your business.

google logo history evolution

If you’re nodding your head in agreement, don’t fret. We’re not here to judge. We’ve all been there. After all, logos are like relationships – they need to be nurtured and evolve over time. But just like a relationship that’s gone stale, a logo that’s stuck in the past can drag your brand down.

Out of the square logo history
Does your logo need a brand refresh, or something a little more?

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