Soul Hub
A Soulful Rebrand
Since 2003 the team at Soul Café have been making a huge difference in the Newcastle community. Now with new services, partners and volunteers, they're expanding, and OOTS were excited to help the helpers.
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Evolution of Soul

For the people of Newcastle, Soul Café has become synonymous with the care of those in need. Starting as a place for a warm meal and a genuine conversation, they evolved to offer greater services and support. With the relocation to a new premises also came an opportunity to rebrand the organisation to better reflect the growing services they were providing.


Strategy and Simplicity

The name Soul means so much to so many people and moving to a new location provided the perfect chance to better reflect who Soul were. OOTS worked with the Soul Team to create a Brand Strategy to develop their new personality.

The term Soul Café evolved to Soul Hub, capturing the location as a friendly drop-in place for meals, food, clothing, hygiene, legal and medical support and more.

Key attributes of their brand personality shone through; dependable, authentic and rugged. They were the people left packing the chairs at the end of the night once the party was over. They were the ones who’d pick you up while others turned their back.

From the brand work the line “A little soul goes a long way” was developed and immediately rang true with the work that was undertaken.


The OOTS design team developed a vibrant colour palette with earthy overtones that could house photography, easy-to-read fonts, and patterns that could be used as design elements to bring their evolving brand to life.

Soul Hub is run largely by its wonderful volunteers, and OOTS created a series of design templates that would allow for easy updates from the volunteers, while retaining the cohesive and friendly look the marketing material required. The templates established by the OOTS design team were formatted to be effortlessly updated while retaining brand cohesion and covered an array of different formats.


The OOTS video production team brought the new look to life with a series of animations enhancing the vibrancy and positivity of the brand and providing brand elements for future videos.


It’s in OOTS’ DNA to see the city prosper at every level and we’re a proud supporter of Soul Hub and the genuine help they bring to the city. We’re excited to be part of Soul’s next evolution, our staff doing their Sleepout for Soul, and our innovation; the Taste of Soul, now a regular on their fundraising calendar. Here’s to supporting locals making the city better for those in need. Indeed, A Little Bit of Soul Goes a Long Way.

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