Reinventing Premium Adventure
A Brand Evolution: Retaining Trust, Embracing Change
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Elevating the brand to new heights

If you’re a camping regular, chances are you’re already familiar with the BlackWolf brand. Their premium outdoor products have become a staple in the wild. For over 25 years, BlackWolf has specialised in quality hiking, camping, and travel gear, earning them a stellar reputation among outdoor enthusiasts.

In recent years, BlackWolf recognised the importance of refining their brand strategy, positioning, and messaging. Research conducted within their team revealed inconsistencies in how the BlackWolf brand was perceived and represented in the market. With a desire to connect with a broader, younger demographic, BlackWolf turned to OOTS to help evolve and unify their brand identity. The goal was to authentically reflect their desired market positioning and establish BlackWolf as the go-to premium outdoor adventure brand on a global scale.


An evolution, not a revolution

To tackle these challenges head-on, our team embarked on a comprehensive brand refresh process for BlackWolf. One of the key considerations was to modernize the brand without alienating their loyal customer base. It was crucial to maintain their hard-earned reputation and ensure the new logo and visual identity felt familiar and retained some brand equity, invoking a sense of trust and recognition.

Laying the foundations

Our approach encompassed various key steps. We began by establishing a creative brief, diving deep into BlackWolf’s goals, target audience, and overall vision. Through meticulous desk research, competitor analysis, and distillation of strategy documents, we gained valuable insights and identified opportunities to differentiate BlackWolf’s brand.

Unlocking visual coherence and impact

Through creative exploration and experimentation, we started the logo design process, developing multiple concepts that captured the essence of BlackWolf’s brand identity. We actively sought feedback from key stakeholders amongst the BlackWolf and Phoenix Leisure Group team to understand their preferences and expectations. The chosen logo concept underwent rigorous testing on diverse product lines, packaging designs, and collateral materials. This was a vital step to help ensure a consistent and versatile logo that would seamlessly translate across different formats, materials and manufacturing methods.

Once the final logo was established, we crafted a comprehensive brand style guide. This invaluable resource outlined the rules and guidelines for logo usage, brand colors, fonts, graphics, and packaging templates. It will serve as a go-to reference document for the internal team as well as suppliers, retailers and stakeholders, ensuring consistent visual representation across all touchpoints.

OOTS paint texture

The BlackWolf rebrand has come to life so perfectly thanks to the amazing team at Out Of The Square and We Are Explorers. The overall vision has really come to life and kicks off a great new chapter for such a loved brand.

Bree Underwood
Head of Marketing, Phoenix Leisure Group
OOTS paint texture


Unveiling a new brand for a new era

Through our collaborative efforts with the BlackWolf team, we successfully revitalised and modernised the brand. The new logo, while simpler and contemporised, remains recognisable, providing a sense of continuity and brand equity. The carefully selected brand colors evoke energy, vibrancy, and a touch of Australiana, creating a unique and memorable visual identity.

We infused new life into the BlackWolf brand, presenting it with a premium identity that harmonizes with the exceptional quality of their products and price points. The result is a timeless brand that boldly stands out and leaves a lasting impression. As we eagerly anticipate the rollout of the new brand, we’re excited to witness its impact as BlackWolf’s latest products hit the shelves and beyond!

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