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At OOTS, we’re not just a Video Production Agency, we’re your creative right hand, here to amplify your voice and electrify your brand. When it comes to video marketing we have one mission; to tell your story, captivate your audience, and keep your clients hooked with results-driven content that’s as unforgettable as an alien abduction.

We Shoot, We Score!

Our mantra at OOTS? Ideas are the spark, but execution is the firework display. We don’t just shoot videos; we craft visual feasts that glue eyeballs to screens. From heart-tugging narratives to eye-popping visuals, our team is all about creating content that isn’t just seen — it’s felt.

Diverse Expertise for Every Need

From corporate video production through to creative storytelling and crafted content; our playground includes television ads, e-learning platforms, brand videos, and video marketing campaigns.

We’ve got the whole kit and caboodle: a complete in-house expert film and post-production crew all ready to transform your business idea from a whisper to a roar.

We’re talking film directing, 3D animation, motion graphics, visual effects, voice overs, post-production, and editing.


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TV Commercials with guts

We specialise in TV commercials that aren’t just watched; they’re rewatched, shared, and remembered. Our work is the kind that makes you postpone that kitchen run. Check out our portfolio and see for yourself!

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To make sure everything runs smoothly, we’ve got a four step process:

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This involves initial client collaboration to discuss the project scope and requirements in greater detail plus gain a full understanding of the business and goals of the video. Who’s the audience? What’s the message? How is it delivered? We just have to know!


We plan every aspect of the project through to completion before we even begin filming. This stage will involve confirmation of content, scripting, site reconnaissance and shot list development. We don’t skimp here, we reckon this stage is vital in ensuring smooth and efficient (i.e. cost-effective) filming and production.


Filming gets underway! We implement our pre-production plans and get shooting. The boss started out as a cameraman, so we’ve always offered complete in-house digital video production capabilities. We’ve got all the right gear: high-definition broadcast cameras, Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (not drones, drones kill people) and two state-of-the-art edit suites and audio recording and mixing facilities so we can produce all our content internally.

Our video production team consists of a Motion Editor and Designer, Animator, Cinematographer, Creative Director and Senior Art Director. The whole process is overseen by the Managing Director, Studio Manager and the relevant Client Solution Manager.


Time to tell the story! Our experienced editors cut the vision to match the approved storyboards. We complete audio mixing, research production music options and even find the right voiceover to best suit the target audience and content, then overlay graphics to help drive the key messaging. Depending on the intended delivery, we’ll also arrange CAD approval, captioning and recut in different dimensions optimised for social, in-store display, broadcast or cinema and finally, master the files for upload.

Television Commercials

From short-burst retail campaigns that hit you right between the eyes to sophisticated brand campaigns that give you something else to appreciate with every viewing – our television commercials are carefully crafted to make the audience forget to get up and make a cuppa.

Online Content

An explanatory piece or infographic animation, story extension bonus content for iPaders watching TV and even a bit of social media fun. Eyeballs are online way more than ever before, so video is too.

OOTS content

We’re proud of Newcastle and the region and we’ve never been afraid to show it. Some of these videos directly showcase that love and some we consider historic records of important events (that also showcase our love).


Thinking is generally underrated. But we understand the power of planning with a sound foundation of knowledge.

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The best sentences start “What if…” Curiosity collides with passion to ignite wonder and BAM! Another idea is born.

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We’re all about the experience. We harness technology and bend it to our will, all with the enjoyment of the user in mind.

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