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We’re humans who help humans creatively tell their story to other humans. Usually so they’ll buy something. Then we get paid.
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what makes us Out of the square?

If you clicked here to find some impressively complicated jargon, prepare to be disappointed. That just ain’t us.

We’re what used to be called an advertising agency. But because they don’t really exist anymore, we’re more of an ideas agency. We think a lot, mainly in an out-of-the-square manner, because that’s where the gold is.

Our clients come to us with a problem and we unleash our creativity to help them solve it.

We listen, we watch, we learn, we plan.
We think, think, think (that’s the ideas part).
We write, we shoot, we design, we build. We do whatever.
We test, measure, adjust.
We put it all out there.

And our clients succeed.

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Out of the Square is a melting pot of personalities, talents, quirks and obsessions which come together to create the perfect mix. It’s this unique combination of individuals that gives us both our edge and our reputation. We consider ourselves a big family (of which our clients are an extension) and we LOVE to have fun while delivering some serious results. Get to know the who behind the what! ;)

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AJ Motion Editor & Cinematographer Created with Sketch. Alison Production Director Created with Sketch. Amanda Senior Client Solutions Manager Created with Sketch. Jamie Creative Director Created with Sketch. Jen Senior Digital Strategist Created with Sketch. Jo Art Director Created with Sketch. Jono Videographer, Motion Design and Editor Created with Sketch. Laura Studio Manager Created with Sketch. Leah Head of Client Solutions Created with Sketch. Marty Founder and Managing Director Created with Sketch. Megan Finance Manager Created with Sketch. Mitch Senior Graphic Designer Created with Sketch. Sam Senior Graphic Designer Created with Sketch. Mike Graphic Designer Created with Sketch. Ryan Graphic Designer Created with Sketch. Stacey Front End Dev Created with Sketch.
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Dream job

Want to join the team? We don’t blame you (it’s a great place to work if we do say so ourselves)! We are always on the lookout for like-minded individuals with outstanding talent and a good sense of humour (non negotiable).

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There are a lot of agencies out there telling you how great they are. We are here to show you. We have an impressive roster of satisfied clients who continue to partner with us year after year to help them kick goals no matter how big or how small. We are proud of what we do here and not afraid to show it.

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