Greater Bank
Perception Shift
With a solid foundation, Greater Bank needed to become more relevant for potential customers, maintain the love of existing ones and give staff an injection of pride.
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The Challenge

Keeping it Real

How does a much-loved building society stay relevant to younger customers in new markets and reposition as a credible alternative to the big banks?

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What did we do?

Strategy Powered Evolution

Greater Building Society did it by rebranding to Greater Bank. After a two-year campaign focussed on shifting perceptions by simply telling people about the straightforward products and services they offered, we launched the new identity in May 2016.

Behind the Scenes
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It wasn’t just a new logo, everything changed: from withdrawal forms to website, branch signage to pens. We made the colour palette simpler, keeping the familiar core and adding a darker blue to pump up the professionalism.

The new greater-than symbol gives the logo meaning and the employees some pride – to strive to be ‘greater-than before’. ‘Bank’ better describes what they do. And the new tagline, Here’s how, shows they have real answers and mean business.

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Inside Greater Bank branch
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What Happened?

Growth upon growth

Changing the conversation to educate about products and services, then changing the name to remain relevant to the chosen target markets has payed dividends. Greater Bank has seen a very significant increase in customer numbers. They’ve managed to grow both deposits and lending and consequently total assets. They even won the Roy Morgan Bank of the Year 2016 award! That’s a lot of happy customers.

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Our name change to Greater Bank and our new brand identity is an essential part of our future growth. Greater Bank better reflects the products and services we offer and provides greater relevance to our customers in our chosen markets. It particularly plays to the perceptions of younger, regionally based families who represent the cornerstone of our future customer base.

Scott Morgan
CEO, Greater Bank
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