Nothing Compares
Building a complete customer experience from the anticipation of planning a snow trip, to the thrill of whizzing down the mountain. Ski or board – no judgement here!
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The Challenge

Peak Performance

We’re proud to have been working with Perisher, Australia’s favourite ski resort, since 1998 to help share the magic of snow. Together we’ve scaled the digital peak, helping grow their online presence to be the driving force of their communication. A responsive website, electronic direct mail, innovative social campaigns plus countless online banners – all as individual as a snowflake and (we’d like to think) just as beautiful.

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As the largest ski resort in the Southern Hemisphere, Perisher have a unique challenge to keep their branding fresh, active and engaging. Our long-standing relationship means we have a vast accumulated knowledge of both the brand and the industry. Plus, the passion our staff have for snow puts us in the perfect position to work on solutions.

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What did we do?

Nothing Compares To…

There’s nothing else like Perisher in Australia. The people, location, terrain and facilities offering are unique. Visitors often feel a strong and lasting connection to the landscape, returning year after year to Perisher to experience the wonder on offer. It’s pretty massive, made up of four resort areas with a skiable area covering 1,245ha, so there’s something for everyone from first-timers to Winter Olympians.

We ran with this insight to develop the positioning ‘Nothing compares to… Perisher’. We’ve rolled this out as a successful long running campaign across digital and more traditional media including trail maps, press ads, radio, TV and out of home. Its broad appeal and flexibility, like Perisher itself, has allowed us to spread their message of snow and wonder to a wide variety of audiences and, of course, boost ticket sales.

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Perisher Perisher billboard collateral by OOTS

The flexibility part is key. Branding messages like ‘Nothing compares to… escaping the big smoke’ over a picture of Winter Olympian Nate Johnstone snowboarding with a massive plume of powder in his wake, clearly speaks to the adventurers who are positively bursting to get up and shred the slopes. But when viewed on the side of a bus, it also captures the imagination of the weary commuter dreaming of a carefree winter escape. Switch the message to something like, ‘Nothing compares to… snow accommodation one click away’ and you have consistency in the retail space as well.

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OOTS staff who saw snow for the first time at Perisher
Year partnership
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