Shoot to Thrill
As its name suggests, digiDIRECT is known for its superior online presence. We've helped improve its catalogue offering and leverage support from manufacturers.
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The Challenge

Beyond the screen

While expanding into new markets and opening new physical stores, digiDIRECT wanted to show customers how they’re different and use the resources and support offered by manufacturers to their full effect.

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What did we do?

Focus on quality

As digiDIRECT opened more physical retail stores, it became important to offer some extra physical touchpoints to consumers, especially in new markets. Not only do they help drive customers to the website and store, a well designed brochure helps lend credibility to a brand and gives consumers confidence. They are much more likely to trust an online store that they have seen advertised in a physical medium.

Aimed squarely at the professional consumer market, our campaigns and catalogues differentiate digiDIRECT from their competitors by emphasising their expertise. With attention to detail and by showcasing quality design, the catalogues are less junk mail and more wish lists that are kept for reference and are casually left open at a particular page so your spouse knows exactly what to buy you.

digiDIRECT print collateral showcasing a selection of catalogue covers

The big picture

But it’s not just the catalogues. These design principles extended to in-store feature walls and decals, brochure online ads and television advertising, all leading to increased online and in-store activity.

Camera manufacturers offer resources and support to retailers to help promote their products. We’ve helped digiDIRECT cement their relationships and and make the most of this support with a series of brand specific catalogues and in-store events. Focusing this attention to showcase specific models and brands gets results.

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