How to do great copywriting for the web
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How to do great copywriting for the web

Words on the web need to attract attention, fast! Here's 4 ways to do it.

It takes 25% longer to absorb info on screen than on paper. It’s even harder when that screen is tiny, like your mobile. There’s also a lot of stuff competing for attention on your social media and news feeds – cute cat videos, baby pictures and funny memes. That’s why when it comes to copywriting for the web, less really is more.

Don’t get us wrong, there’s certainly a time and place for long copy content pieces on the interwebs. Landing pages, case studies and how-to articles need something more in-depth. People have deliberately sought out that information. But when you’re trying to stand out in an endless stream, these four tips will help you engage your target audience.

1. Get to the point

Start with the conclusion first. Fill in the details afterwards.

People are probably only scanning the first couple of words to decide whether they’ll pause and read or just keep scrolling. If you cut to the chase and tell them your call to action or the most important thing first, then at least they’ve got that if they read nothing else.

2. Engage your readers

People are impatient. They haven’t got time, especially if they’re mindlessly scrolling, to figure out overly clever headlines or convoluted explanations.

Keep your copy clear and concise. Be relevant and obvious to engage your readers from the get-go. Think quality over quantity.

3. Make your article digestible

Use headlines, subheads, summaries and captions to make your web copy easily digestible.

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Some readers will read every single word you write, others will just skim through to get the gist.

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Make it easy for everyone by breaking up your copy into short, easy to understand paragraphs with subheadings and bullets to introduce and explain each new idea.

4. Encourage readers to take action

What do you want people to do? Buy your thing? Subscribe to your newsletter? Make an appointment? Make sure you always include a relevant call to action (CTA) or you’ve missed an opportunity.

Make it obvious. Providing a link to the relevant product page, subscription form or whatever makes it super easy for customers to act immediately and not forget or get frustrated by having to do extra work themselves.

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Writing great copy for the web can take a bit of patience to get things right.

But ranking your hierarchy, cutting out the fluff, sorting the information and providing a clear course or action for your readers will go a long way to providing results.

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