Here for you and to keep your brand message working
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Here for you and to keep your brand message working

We're ready to help your business keep its share of voice with marketing strategies to assist your customers in this time of need

There’s a lot going on worldwide right now with COVID-19, and although it all feels overwhelming, it’s important for your business not to go quiet. We’re here to help you make a plan to get through this and come out the other side in the best position possible while helping others along the way.

You may have already been inundated with emails from every brand you’ve ever bought something off, ever. But how much of this communication did you find actually useful? How many told you something that you didn’t already expect from that brand? And how many gave you something genuinely important you need right now and answered the “what’s in it for me?” question?

Now more than ever, communication is crucial

Your audience is sitting at home with very little to do and so much time to consume. But what you say and why you say it is equally important. Now is a perfect time to create useful supportive content. It’s an opportunity to tweak your marketing strategy and talk to your customers, to be a leader of your industry in the most effective and compassionate way.

The entire OOTS team are doing their part to #flattenthecurve. We’re set up off-site some time ago and are ready to deliver everything we usually do from our Hunter Street home. We can help you consider what your customers need (and want) to know about your business at this time. And help you avoid the potential risks involved in saying something dumb.

Here are two things you should do straight away:

1. Review your already scheduled communications, marketing activities and campaigns

Does your existing messaging still work under these circumstances? Or is it likely to offend or appear inappropriate? If in doubt, modify or pull ‘em.

2. Do you have urgent info that needs to get out?

If you do, get it out! We’re talking cancelled events or new contact details and shutting down services, not just “your health and safety are important to us”. Of course it is, that’s just clutter.


This global pandemic is uncharted territory and after ensuring the health and safety of family, friends and neighbours – the health of your business is next. Along with your livelihood as this evolves and subsides.

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Being able to communicate effectively, responsibly, sensitively and timely will go a long way to helping you stay afloat.

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The whole context of the situation has been changing day-by-day, so your marketing plan requires speed and agility to stay appropriate and relevant. We want to help you do that so when this is all over, your relationship with your customers is even deeper.

Let’s do this together!

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