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Elevating a retail catalogue to sit above junk mail and become instead an extraordinary compendium of inspiration and desire.
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The challenge

There are some 8 billion catalogues shoved into Australian letterboxes in each year. Most of them don’t even make it inside the house – they might get a cursory glance before being dumped straight in the recycle bin.

What if instead of being ‘junk mail’, a catalogue became something more prestigious? What if it showed what the product actually did rather than just what it looked like? What if instead of just telling how cheap, it showed how good? You might actually look.

digiDIRECT wanted a catalogue that did those things, showcasing their Canon range of products. They had access to a group of ‘Canon Masters’ so we could show what sort of kit they used and what they produced with it. It wouldn’t be a catalogue, it would be an ‘Inspiration Guide‘.

What we did

You can’t produce a catalogue with shitty images for a company that sells cameras. That’s just bad form. So we recruited one of our key collaborators, photographer Alex McIntyre, to help us out. We took our big boxes of supplied Canon products into the studio and out on the street to set them up in aesthetically pleasing real-world scenarios and shot them (using Canon equipment, of course) looking their best.

This was all high-end gear aimed at the professional consumer market. They are a passionate bunch of people who love, love, love good quality kit and relish using it. They know what they’re talking about and they appreciate being taken seriously and getting expert advice.


With this in mind, we devised a comprehensive shot list of setups that realistically showed-off each camera’s features. From a YouTuber’s perfect kit to a pro’s, with expert advice from digiDIRECT staff, experts and Canon Masters peppered throughout for reinforcement. There were tips and links to tutorials and workshops to further whet the appetite and show how to get the best out of the equipment.

The result is a document with a much longer shelf-life than your normal catalogue. This one will hopefully hang around for a while, for reference, as a wish-list and as inspiration for what’s possible.

If we’ve piqued your interest and you’d like to see the whole thing you can check it out here.

OOTS paint texture
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OOTS paint texture
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