Hunter Resource Recovery
Reduce. Reuse. Upgrade?
While it’s important to separate your rubbish and recycling, good user experience meant combining two sites into one in this website upgrade.
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The Challenge

Recycling Ideas (in a good way)

The brief was to merge the websites HRR and Recycle Right into a modern and flexible responsive experience. Fewer customer calls was a key objective and the aim was to achieve this by addressing commonly asked questions on the site and ensuring vital content was easy to access.

We built a solid new foundation and then applied a coat of paint to an existing code base – reusing and recycling components in this way is a great way to keep costs low.

The evolution from wireframe to finished design was all about taking good UX and making it sexy.

Wireframe of HRR website mockup.
What did we do?

Reduce. Reuse. Recycle.

We approached the build in terms of reusable components to make editing content on the new website as flexible as possible. Small, isolated pieces of UI can be reused and rearranged to make content stand out to its best potential. This is also a good way to future proof the design and is a key strategy we use when approaching websites (including our own). It means page templates are flexible and there’s a wide range of combinations for customising a page’s design without the need for a developer to edit the code every time.

What happened?

Cut the clutter.

We took the best parts of both websites, and reduced the clutter down to what’s best for the user’s core experience. As with every build, we asked: who is the target market for this site – and how can we best serve them? In other words, how can we give them the information they are after quickly, easily and in an engaging way? The result is a clean, easy to navigate, mobile responsive site that delivers on it’s objectives.

Website Overview
A little tour of our components in action.
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Our Company has used the services of OOTS for the past 15 years, recently we engaged them to develop a new website for our company replacing the long standing site.  Our brief to them was to provide us with an easy to use, sharp and informative site that can be navigated with ease even for a novice user.   We are delighted with the end result, a fresh colourful site loaded with information that it easy to understand and takes our corporate image to the next level.   The job was completed on time and on budget with the minimum of fuss thanks to the experience of all involved at OOTS, I could not be more pleased with the results from Marty and his dedicated team at OOTS,

Roger Lewis
CEO - Hunter Resource Recovery
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We even learned a few things along the way! Did you know coffee cups are NOT recyclable but coffee cup lids are?! Remember the rules are different from region to region. Brush up on your skills using the tips below!

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Tonnes of waste collected
Tonnes of waste recycled
Cubic Metres of Landfill Saved
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