Greater Bank Kids Program
Spark your Imagination
Teaching children of all ages the value of money and saving – this vibrant program was so much fun to design, with colourful results.
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Helping kids become better savers

Physical notes and coins are becoming increasingly rare and parents are worried kids don’t understand the value of money. Technology and online payment methods are making money invisible, making it harder to teach concepts such as saving. Greater Bank wanted to empower parents and their children with the right tools, support and information to learn about money and saving for the things they want in life. Our task was to develop a name, logo, and look and feel for a new kids program. The program needed to work seamlessly between different age groups within the youth audience segment.

Spark Animation


A creative spark

All big things start with a single spark, and the OOTS creative team dived in to create a feeling of energy and fun, that could be applied to a variety of content. It started with the name… SPARK. What does spark mean? It’s kinetic, electric, small but powerful, and also like kids – full of energy and potential.

Children’s growth and development change rapidly. The interests of a 5-year-old differ hugely from that of a 10-year-old. As do the interests of boys and girls. We had to ensure all content was relevant and assets sparked the interest of both kids and their parents.

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If you wanna play, you’ve gotta fuel. If you wanna solve, you’ve gotta think. If you wanna spend, you’ve gotta save. It’s that simple. SPARK can show you how.

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The spark program

The SPARK program was segmented into 3 groups

Sparklers (0-6) – Bright Sparks (7-13) – Spark+ (14-17)

The design elements are bright, colourful and full of energy, kids being the heroes – energetic and empowered. Literal spark shards connect both imagery and illustrations.

SPARK is packed full of information and interactive ways to spark young minds. We created activities, games and printable downloads from earning, saving and spending, to chores/pocket money info, videos and even a savings goal tracker plus so much more – all with a shift in content to suit each age.

Meet Sparkie

‘Sparkie’ the robot guides kids through the content and also emerged as a real life mascot – appearing at events hosting Sparkie’s Challenge. SPARK was brought to life packed with colour and energy and we loved every minute of it!

bringing Sparkie to life

The OOTS video and design team also brought the world of Sparkie to life. Literally bursting onto the screen and helping educate kids and parents. A short-powerful audio signature was also developed for Sparkie’s (like any great hero should have!

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It’s not often you get to create something like SPARK that focuses on supporting parents with the information and tools to help develop positive habits around money and build financial literacy skills in children and teens.  We have loved working with OOTS to develop this platform. They were able to capture the essence of our brief and seamlessly bring to life all elements of SPARK.

Amy Bowd
Marketing & Communications Specialist, Greater Bank

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