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Branding Flamingos Live
An iconic rebrand that leaves audiences coming back for seconds, and thirds!
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Flamingos Live was faced with a huge mission as ambitious as a collaboration between Paul McCartney and Eminem. Everyone is waiting and watching every move – the pressure is on and patrons new and old have squinted eyes and front row seats.

Flamingos came to OOTS with a request for rebranding from the much-loved Lizotte’s, a true Newcastle icon known for its magical fusion of spectacular live music and dining. Lizotte’s wasn’t just a venue; it was the beacon of Newcastle’s cultural heartbeat. So, the task?

Transition into Flamingos Live without losing the community and soul of Lizotte’s, honouring its famous past while ushering in a fresh, vibrant identity to attract new fans and keep the old ones swooning.

The F for flamingos


Rebranding from Lizotte’s to Flamingos Live was like dancing on a tightrope strung between nostalgia and novelty.

From day one, the new owners, Wayne Rogers and James Hingston championed a vision of preserving Lizotte’s essence while injecting Flamingos Live with fresh energy. This vision shone through in every phase of the rebranding process.

Keeping the new name under wraps until the big reveal in June built anticipation and made patrons feel like they were a part of the unveiling process. This inclusive approach fostered emotional investment and loyalty, smoothing out the transition from Lizotte’s to Flamingos Live.


We started with a comprehensive brand development.

Along with Wayne and James who had already chosen the name, OOTS crafted a new brand identity and unique logo that captured the eclectic, vibrant essence of Flamingos Live, celebrating its core values of amazing live music and superb dining experiences.

The logo itself is reminiscent of a Flamingo within it’s pink and black typographic execution. With Waynes vision powder pink and gold, and the painted Flamingo – a special request from the owners – The look was set to ruffle some feathers in a good way!

Once the brand was established, we also prepared and rolled-out the digital media and a savvy press release to help get the word out that there were some changes swirling around.

The campaign spread the word like wildfire, clearly communicating the vision and objectives of the new brand – reminding people that it was a new look, but everything else is the same as it ever was.

It was important that the rebrand kept resonating with the existing values of live music and excellent dining that Lizotte’s was known for. “We are keeping the vibe that’s already here and just adding to it… And maybe even adding some more sparkle on stage,” says Wayne Rogers.

The website was its own mountain to climb – From the wireframes and development build to the copywriting and final design touches, we created and launched a vibrant new website packed with an easy-to-read show list and ticket management system, making the end user experience a breeze.

To add to the digital experience, OOTS developed and managed a Google Ads campaign and some iron clad SEO strategies for the website, boosting the venue’s online visibility and drawing in a broader audience.

Adding the glitter & glamour

From logo to posters, to coasters, we refreshed the visual presence across all touchpoints, reinforcing the new brand to stand on its own two feet (or one foot if you’re a Flamingo). We also equipped the Flamingos team with design templates and a strong brand guideline to ensure brand consistency and self-sufficiency in future marketing endeavours.

And forget simple logo reveals; it was a must to add a sprinkle of magic with a glamourous animated end tag, helping make the Flamingos Live launch unforgettable. A strategic social media launch campaign was also designed to amp-up excitement and engagement, reaching an even wider audience across socials and word of mouth around Newcastle.

Flamingos Live Drink Coaster Mockups


The rebranding of Flamingos Live was a smashing success.

The new brand identity resonated with both long-time patrons and new audiences, preserving Lizotte’s cherished legacy while injecting a fresh, vibrant Flamingos spirit.

Ultimately, the rebranding of Flamingos Live wasn’t just a name change; it was a full-on transformation that honoured the venue’s rich history while paving the way for a bright future. The result is a cohesive, engaging brand experience that seamlessly blends the best of the old with the excitement of the new, ensuring Flamingos Live remains a beloved cultural hub in Newcastle.

Flamingos Live gif of end tags

“I love it. I think a new energy is happening just because it’s new and exciting. I’m enjoying just sitting back and seeing how our patrons are embracing the new name and branding with passion and enthusiasm.”

Wayne Rogers
Owner at Flamingos Live

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