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Brand Identity: Keeping things fresh

Your brand identity is one of the things that makes your business unique. It’s made up of the tangible elements of your brand: most obviously the logo but also other elements like your website, packaging, stationery, uniforms etc.

You want to make sure your brand design always looks the part and is instantly recognisable to your customers. Brand identity can help build a powerful connection with them. Starting from scratch, we’ll work with you to develop a comprehensive brand strategy and work up the design of your new brand.

Keeping your brand fresh can be challenging. We don’t advocate rebranding for the sake of it, but it’s sometimes necessary to refresh to stay ahead of your competitors in an ever-changing marketplace. Rebranding doesn’t mean just changing your logo – often that will stay the same. We’ll help you look at all the elements strategically and update the design for the best result. Have a look at how we helped Greater Bank shift perceptions and gain traction with emerging customers.

Talk to our expert client solution and design team about how we can build your new brand or help maintain your current brand identity and keep it fresh.

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