How to work from home and stay creative!
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How to work from home and stay creative!

Self isolating and working remotely is an unusual concept for many creatives in advertising, who rely on human interaction to do their work. Thanks to the coronavirus outbreak, we now find ourselves in this exact position. Face-to-face brainstorms, collaborative workspaces to bounce ideas or even good ol’ office banter are all important parts of the creative process. So what’s the key to staying productive AND on top of our ideation and creative A game?


Here are some of our tips 😀

1. Same same but different

While working from home, maintain your routine where possible. Some normality will help balance out the unknown and unfamiliar. Shower. Brush hair. Pants on. Coffee. Start your day fresh!

2. Stay connected

Continue to share ideas and maintain interaction. Group chats, video conferencing, virtual brainstorms, screenshare and daily check-ins are some of the things we’re doing to humanise the experience. Thanks to platforms such as Wrike, Microsoft Teams, Google docs, Slack and Invision, our WFH lives have been a somewhat smooth transition.

3. Broaden your creative spectrum

Stay creatively informed and source alternate avenues for inspiration. What’s trending (other than Covid19!)? Read blogs, sign up to EDMs, listen to podcasts, explore new social media channels, read, watch, listen. These platforms could provide inspiration, help with your problem solving or give you cultural context that you might normally get from daily office banter.

4. Digital War rooms

Use platforms such as Pinterest, Invision, Dribbble, Canva and Adobe Spark to create digital moodboards and share with your team. Create project specific ones or even non-specific boards for general inspiration. Working remotely may mean you are less aware of projects that other team members are working on. Sharing on a daily basis will enable cross-pollination of ideas and could unknowingly spark inspiration within the greater group.

5. Unplug and focus

Take advantage of your isolated environment. Less distractions can actually mean more time to focus and seek inspiration. Take the time out to go offline, leave your desk and have some quiet time to actually think. Just let your team know that you’re on mobile if there is anything urgent!

6. Play that funky music

And play it loud (or softly, whatever floats your boat). Music can help fill the silence void and boost creativity. Plus, there’s the added benefit of not having to worry about annoying co-workers with your embarrassing choice of music or disturbing their concentration.

7. Take a break

Great ideas can come from anywhere and at anytime. Sometimes, it’s during those invisible, in-between moments. In the office setting, it could have been while making a coffee, during birthday morning tea or from a random conversation. But now, with less reasons to get up and move around, force yourself to do so. Take mini breaks and allow your brain a moment to breathe.

8. Healthy bodies. Healthy minds.

This one’s a no brainer. Staying healthy has always been the key to increased motivation and productivity. Eat well, drink water, get fresh air. Replace your daily commute with a walk around the block or a ride around your neighbourhood (if safe to do so). If your circumstances mean you have to physically stay indoors, get creative! Online gym classes, workout apps or a lunch time boogie in your living room perhaps? Go on, you deserve it.

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Maintaining creativity while working remotely will no doubt be hard for some. The key is open communication, trust and patience within your team. Embrace the experience and you may be surprised by your creative potential. We, as a team, are up for the challenge.

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