Helping local businesses survive to thrive with free COVID-19 guides
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Helping local businesses survive to thrive with free COVID-19 guides

The impacts of COVID-19 hit Newcastle small to medium businesses hard, so we hit back fast with

Social distancing and lockdowns can easily devastate a small business. Financial assistance from the government is certainly welcome. But advice and planning is needed to make sure businesses remain viable during the restrictions and can think ahead to be in a good position to scale back up quickly when the time is right.

Newcastle Experts

Local knowledge crucial for helping local business

The best people to help Hunter businesses are other locals, so we coordinated a ‘care collective’ of passionate Newcastle businesses – HelpHunter. Each has a specific area of expertise (click to learn more):

These longstanding businesses are each run by well-respected locals. They’d demonstrated their passion for the region and it’s success long before this all went down. By pooling their knowledge, their goal is to make life easier for all and ensure as many businesses as possible stay afloat.

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Each expert produced a free COVID-19 guide outlining strategies that can be put in place to help minimise fallout from the coronavirus on their business. They include other resources like checklists and links to key resources for further assistance. Of course, they’re also prepared to provide extra personalised aid if required.

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We designed, developed and built the HelpHunter website in record time to host all this information. We also produced awareness and explainer videos, online and press advertisements, social posts and media releases to boost its profile.

Supporting the supporters

Getting the word out that the HelpHunter site and resources are available is just as important. Again, locals to the rescue. The Newcastle Herald and Hunter Business Review both supported the initiative with feature articles and advertisements. The Newcastle Business Club and Hunter Business Chamber came on board, providing further advice and reference links and raising awareness with their members.

Social media, particularly Facebook and LinkedIn, also played a strong role, with links to the site and articles shared hundreds of times. Comments of support flow in from relieved business owners, business customers and well-wishers.

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It’s not over yet

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COVID-19 business support remains ongoing as the situation develops. The latest information indicates there will be no sudden snap-back to old ways. New regulations and protocols mean businesses need to reassess and adapt constantly. Unfortunately, HelpHunter is going to be a necessary resource for a while.

Do you need assistance? Don’t be afraid to reach out:

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