Crawford Real Estate Brand Refresh
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Brand refresh for iconic Newcastle real estate agents

Here’s how we gave the new Crawford Real Estate owners a new corporate identity

The new owners of Robert Crawford Real Estate wanted a new look for a brand last modified 25 years ago.

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Crawford Real Estate logo

When an existing brand has been around that long, it will almost certainly have built up a fair amount of brand equity. Sometimes called ‘good will’, it’s the value of the consumer perception of the brand rather than the value of the product or service itself.

Crawford brochure

The first consideration was the name. To indicate a new chapter but also maintain the equity, it’s been rebranded to Crawford Real Estate. Our graphic designers then worked on keeping visual elements of the existing brand identity, but giving it a new twist and tweaking the colour palette for fresh vibes.

Crawford flyer

Once the logo design was approved, a comprehensive style guide and suite of marketing materials needed development. Real estate agents have a swag of brand touchpoints from business cards to social media, each a critical part of building a brand identity.

Business Cards
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Rollout has begun in close collaboration with in-house staff, with multiple templates built for trouble-free ongoing implementation.

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