6 video marketing ideas to boost your content
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6 video marketing ideas to boost your content

Rethink your video strategy to increase results.

It’s true, let’s face it. Video is the future of content marketing. It’s an easy-to-digest format that engages the viewer. Simple. Great marketing videos are relevant and engaging for our time-poor society.

So to help you create video and give your social media marketing a kick; below are 6 types of video content marketing tips.

1. Introduce yourself

Video conveys information quicker and more efficiently. A brand video is an effective way to engage your customers. In less than a minute you can showcase your company, sell your products and services, show your personality, increase awareness and build trust. Be genuine and reflect what you truly stand for.

2. Customers love explainer videos

Product reviews, how-to videos, online tutorials and explainer videos allow your customers to learn everything they need to know before purchasing. It helps to boost their confidence in you and therefore, convert sales. Your video content marketing ideas should strategically include topics to help search engine results.

3. Testimonial videos

Why read customer testimonials when you can hear and watch it in real life? Videos featuring customer stories and reviews provide social proof and authentic insight into your business products and services.

4. Influencer videos

From a simple ‘unboxing’ insta story to a more detailed video tutorial, working with relevant industry influencers is a great way to increase credibility and drive engagement. Take advantage of the power of video on Facebook, Instagram and trending social media platforms to have an influencer show and share your products or services.

5. Live videos - dare to get out there

Facebook Live videos are a great way to interact with audience comments and offer Q&A sessions. This means real-time interaction with your customers. There are many other platforms allowing live video and the ability to interact with your viewers.

6. Animations

Not all videos have to be live footage. Motion graphics and animated videos are a great way to break through the clutter. Within seconds you can explain a complicated concept in an easy to digest and more interesting way.

Let’s talk quality control. Good news for small business and sole traders is that your video production doesn’t need to be hyper-polished. Your video marketing content ideas should focus on relevance and remain genuine.

If you’d like to find out more about video content, production or video marketing, then enquire here or give us a call. OOTS is Newcastle’s leading video content marketing agency and we love the power of video and helping our clients kick their goals.

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