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Location, location, location is certainly important when you’re looking for a holiday park, but the perfect park will also have every facility you could possibly want and need. So how do you find ‘the one’?
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The Challenge

Behaviour change

Reflections Holiday Parks’ website had a map of their park locations and a separate park list. This was not very user friendly, as there was no easy way to search for parks based on the facilities you needed. For example, that was no easy way to see all the parks with cabins, without going to each individual park page and checking the accommodation types offered there. You couldn’t even see which ones have disabled access or other cool features like being pet-friendly.

What we did

Customer experience has quickly moved from competitive difference to business imperative. Guest expectations are higher than ever, so a rethink was in order to make sure their website experience was as good as their holiday would be. We researched best practice solutions in order to design and develop the logic and front-end user interface. We considered search logic, mobile design and CTA design based on viewing more info or being ready to book right away, etc.


The aim is for users to be able to easily search by several factors including distance (by city name or postcode), dog friendliness, accommodation type (powered, unpowered, cabins, etc) and whether or not the park has handicap accessible accommodation. We integrated this with a visual map search as well.

A high percentage of traffic to the site is from travellers searching from the road, so the map and search function needs to work perfectly from desktop all the way down to mobile.

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Increased engagement

There was a 25% increase in page-views and 35% increase in time on page compared to just before the update.

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Reflections’ site now has an easy to use search function that’s visually pleasing and helps guests search and organise information quickly. Their experience is cleaner and lets them make more informed decisions when booking.

The results were immediately obvious. The update was implemented during their slowest month in the middle of winter, yet there was a 25% increase in page-views and 35% increase in time on page compared to just before the update.

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