Lots to love
Sharing the Valentine’s Day love to make some noise in the property marketplace.
OOTS paint texture
The Challenge

Perfect time to share the love

Valentine’s Day causes a lot of noise in the retail space, but not so much for property. So as the quiet Christmas period wound up, Huntlee wanted to share the love and offer customers a healthy incentive to discover their perfectly matched home.

Several other developments had competitively priced packages in the marketplace. Knowing the settlement period can take a little time – you can’t rush true love – Huntlee wanted to engage buyers to start the purchase journey before the end of the financial year. Valentine’s Day was the perfect time.


All you need is love

There’s certainly lots to love about Huntlee and they had homesite lots to sell. That you’ll love. So the romantically themed campaign became ‘Lots to love’. The traditional dozen roses became houses – 12 lots with $12,000 off. It was on theme and also a competitive force in the marketplace at a time when the competition weren’t taking advantage.

Huntlee Lots to Love Campaign Poster
What we did

Spreading the love

We created a 15 second animated TVC playing on the lots to love theme, complete with a heart motif which allowed the animations to pop, flow and flip into mini rows of hearts and price points. The 15 second radio ad followed suit, as did the digital assets which ran across prominent property sites and Hutlee’s landing and social pages. This branding spread to posters, window decals and pull up banners around the Huntlee sales centre, with billboard sashes and lot plates extending out into the community.

OOTS paint texture
Of 12 lots sold
Other lots sold

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