Civic Theatre
Launching the season
Capturing the magic and energy of live performance is more than a challenge, it’s an inspiration our team leapt out of the wings for.
OOTS paint texture
The Challenge

Season 2019

The Civic Theatre and Playhouse are the jewels amongst our region’s theatres. Hosting international, national and local productions, we were honoured to create its identity for Season 2019. Our design fused the architectural beauty of the theatre and thrill of performance to bring life to the tagline: ‘Imagination will take you everywhere’

What did we do?


For the design of Season 2019, the OOTS team wanted to celebrate the beauty and charm of Civic Theatre, with its classic appeal. The design needed to be flexible enough to allow for integration of supplied footage and imagery from various theatre companies, while retaining a timeless look for the collateral.

The design team ensured the look and feel worked seamlessly across the Season program, signage, posters as well as flexible design for mobile and desktop viewing. The styling was further brought to life with motion graphics for the launch video and a range of online video formats.


The raw energy and emotion of live performance was captured in a video that intercut the beauty of the theatre and its design features with high energy video snippets supplied by the theatre companies.

Sound snippets from the productions were mixed into the video soundtrack creating an engaging and thought-provoking viewing experience – just as theatre should be!