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Educate & Inspire

In the current landscape of shifting workforces, Bengalla wanted to educate their employees on the importance each department plays in the production of refined coal and the value every role brings to the company.

The nature of these different roles can be technical and ‘dry’ in nature, so it was essential to keep the subject matter entertaining, as well as easy to comprehend and sustain interest.


It’s powers, col powers!

Like any production process, there are many moving parts and to educate all levels of employees on the entire process in a simple and easy manner required some creative and strategic thinking. OOTS collaborated with Bengalla’s HR and Training teams to develop a fun character who could talk about every department and the importance they play. The character had to be someone with a common link to all the departments. Meet Powers, Col Powers!

Col became the ideal conduit to help illustrate the function each department played within the company. His character developed as a well-informed and friendly piece of coal and the audience would watch him transform as he moves through the production process. Col also had other friends, Clay and Ash, that would help along the way.


from concept to creation

OOTS creative teams worked in tandem, creating concept drawings for Col, basic animation tests and voice styling. While animation tests were underway the script was developed, covering all areas of coal production, and also showing the greater value and contribution Bengalla bring to the local community.

Throughout the script, the Col animated character would interact with the environment around him, educate the viewer and be a link to the various staff members who talk to camera.

The Col Powers animation tests brought Col to life and showed his approachable and relatable manner.

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OOTS were able to deliver precise project plans, demonstrated flexibility when filming content within our business and were creative beyond our imagination when it came time to put the end product together.

Jonathan Lawler
Human Resources and Training Manager, Bengalla
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Bengalla Animation Case Study 2

pulling it all together

After an in-depth two days of filming on location, interviews, effects shots for Col to be worked into, new aerial photography and regional location footage, the OOTS team set about bringing the edit together.

Sound effects and animations were combined with Col’s unique character voice to give the video added vibrancy and help the communication hit the right points.

Bengalla Coal Animation

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Additionally, they were professional, fun, clever and engaging colleagues to work with. I would highly recommend partnering with OOTS for any branding, video content, and media design. We look forward to working on our next project with OOTS again.

Jonathan Lawler
Human Resources and Training Manager, Bengalla

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