Pavilion Photography and FPV Drone Tour
Green Ridge Hunter Valley
Our team nailed it! The OOTS team captured the launch vibe at Green Ridge Hunter Valley Pavilion, turning construction challenges into creative opportunities.
OOTS paint texture


The OOTS team were tasked to capture drone and stills photography of the newly completed Green Ridge Hunter Valley pavilion. Construction was still underway, so our team used creative angles to help disguise some ongoing construction.


With time of the essence and a small filming window available…

Two OOTS drone pilots simultaneously captured the interior and exterior of the pavilion (during a construction break).

Using their floorplan for logistics, our crew calculated the least disruptive flight path, capturing stunning shots highlighting the facilities and features of the pavilion.

With the filming complete, a script was then retrospectively written to follow the course of the drone footage, taking the viewer on a first-person tour.

Professional photography was also captured to be used across print and online marketing material, capturing over 55 photos.

The result was an inspiring and immersive video tour with complimentary photographic material, showcasing the best of the new facility. All delivered in a short window of time, ready for the grand opening of the Green Ridge Pavilion.

The results
Over 55 images for web, print & full size
2 minute video showcasing the most luxurious retirement community pavilion in the Hunter.
Great promo for a very successful Ribbon Cutting Event
Ongoing promotional piece

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